1924. Manglisi. Bolshevik detachment, having suppressed a meeting of Mensheviks 1924. Detachment from Arsenal region, fighting against the Mensheviks March 5, 1924. Sukhumi. Protest meeting in front of the Revkom building in Abkhazia, two days after sovietization Norasheni Street, Sioni district, Tbilisi. Detachment of young revolutionaries. The Razmadze, Kiknadze and Kirkadze brothers, with Gogla Mamatsashvili and Vano Khutsishvili; 1923. Special-Purpose Division The “Cleansing Committee,” tasked with studying Communist Party members
1924. August. Military detachment and citizens of Manglisi, after the suppression of a Menshevik uprising 1907. February. Deceased Red Army soldiers Aprasion Merkviladze, Gachechiladze and Dugladze December 1, 1928. Tbilisi. The First Georgian Artillery Regiment Early 20th century. Political prisoners of Metekhi Prison February 19, 1929. Lenin district, Tbilisi. Members of the Young Communist League during military training. Head of women’s group Tamar Shermadini (daughter of Abram Shermadini) 1936. Firearm training at Khashuri railway station
Revolutionary Sandro Ketskhoveli in prison Khareba Jibuti and Gogia Kenkishvili, leaders of the guerrilla group “Forest Brothers” Khareba Jibuti and Gogia Kenkishvili, leaders of the guerrilla group “Forest Brothers” Khareba Jibuti and Gogia Kenkishvili, leaders of the guerrilla group “Forest Brothers” 1936. Telavi. Kakheti. The members of the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs February 28, 1931. Kutaisi. Company of actors, after the opening of an anti-religious play
March 1921. Ratification of the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Batumi Prisoners. First row: A. Antonov, A. Nesterov, Abramov, P. Papov (from the left); Second row: M. Mirakov, M. Pirkhov, N. Nalkindi, P. Sakvarelidze, A. Sevriugin, S. Kasparov, M. Goriachev. Third row: L. Arustamov, N. Otarashvili, L. Chichua, Egda Oghli, S. Denisev May 15, 1889. Gori. Workers at an old factory The First Young Pioneers Brigade of Surami producing bottles, with Brigade head K. Manukov Revolutionary Alexander (Sasha) Tsulukidze, as a child and as an adult September 27, 1871. (to the right) Olimpia Tsulukidze, mother of revolutionary Alexander (Sasha) Tsulukidze
Prisoners Ilia Kazishvili and Pido Kazishvili 1890. Gori. Shida Kartli The house which was used as an illegal printing-house of the Tbilisi Bolshevik Committee during 1909 – 1910. (Davitashvili alley №8). Historical-revolutionary place of Tbilisi Lenin in exile. Shushenskoe village, Minusin region, Yenisei province. The people on a wood bridge. 1897 Lenin in the military group of the student machine-gunners. Near SNK building. Moscow. May 12, 1920 A new polytechnic museum building where V. I. Lenin delivered his speech. Moscow
Sverdlov Theatre of Opera and Ballet where V. I. Lenin delivered his speech. Moscow Inner view of Gori house where the Jughashvili family lived Veteran members of Young communist League: P. Tsulaia, D. Kacharava, P. Nadareishvili, D. Gabisonia, G.R.Gabisonia, G. Tsintsadze The village of Nasakirali where a fight took place between the rebels and the tsarist army. The Red Army of young revolutionaries, Norasheni Street, Sioni District, Tbilisi. Gogla Mamatsashvili, Vano Khutsishvili, and the Razmadze and Kikadze brothers The Red Company
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