The Archive houses the documents of the Committee for State Security, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Georgian SSR.  It is accessible to every member of society - not only scholars, researchers and journalists, but also those with a non-professional interest in the past. Our primary mission is to preserve and transfer all materials to the next generation, to simplify the work of archivists and researchers alike, and to serve citizens who wish to find materials about their past.
We are currently focused on digitizing the archival fonds, providing interested people with electronic services, and developing the database. The goal of these projects is twofold: to improve service, and to better preserve the fonds.  We work in cooperation with several well-known international research institutes: The Hoover Institution (Stanford University, USA), The Holocaust Memorial Museum (USA), Ruhr University (Germany) and others. We also maintain partnerships with many local and international non-governmental organizations, universities and research centers.
Educational projects are also our priority. Through the bilingual journal Archival Bulletin, we publish documents that are preserved in the Archive.  We also hold exhibitions, lectures and discussions in Tbilisi and other regions of Georgia. Our educational mission is to advance and disseminate knowledge to the citizens of Georgia about the Soviet past.
Only Georgia and the Baltic countries have made their Party and Security archives open to society. We believe that public engagement is the best way to overcome the totalitarian past.
The Archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia
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