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The Archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia
The execution history of the 19 year old girl

Vera Varazashvili was born in 1918 in Borjomi. She was accused of counter-revolutionary activity.
In 1937 she was sentenced to death penalty.
Interview with Lia Varazashvili (The niece of Vera Varazashvili).

Tragedy of Aslanikashvili’s family
A large portion of the Georgian intelligentsia was destroyed during the 1930s repressions. Mostly, several  
members of the family became victims of the regime. Nobleman Giorgi Tagvadze’s and his brother-in-law,  
Tarasi Aslanikashvili’s families became victims of Bolsheviks’ aggression.
 მარცხნივ ალექსანდრე ასლანიკაშვილი, მარჯვნივ შალვა ასლანიკაშვილი, ალექსანდრეს მეუღლე თინა გელოვანი
Solomon Tevzadze
Solomon Tevzadze’s life was very difficult. He had a secret card made by the Germans. He was an implacable  
fighter against Soviet regime and a devoted son to his homeland. For this reason, he was arrested and sentenced  
to death. For several months Solomon Tevzadze waited to be executed every day. Conclusively, the death  
penalty was replaced with 10 years in exile.
Paolo Iashvili
On July 22, 1937 Paolo Iashvili shot himself dead in the building of the Writers’ Union. He was accused of  
being a spy, agent, member of counter-revolutionary organization and a terrorist. He committed suicide when  
the sentenced was being passed against him at the session of the Presidium.  
Paolo Iashvili’s suicide was seen as a provocation by Soviet authority. Being a repressed writer, it was  
prohibited to mention even his name since his death in 1937.