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The Archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia
Archived document
The abduction history
The transcript of Records of Stalin
Lado Gudishvili
The Execution Protocol
The Letter of Caption and Passport
The German Proclamation
History of execution of Candle Monk
The Execution Protocol of Seit Devdariani
The Execution Protocol of Kristine Sharashidze
The Punishment of
the Cleric
The Execution Protocol of Khatuna Chichinadze
The Execution Protocol of Saria Lakoba
The Transcript of
Interrogation of Kalistrate Salia
Why was Giorgi Zandukeli
Execution protocol of an
undefeated general
Rebellion attempt in Kodori district
KGB Harassment of the georgian state folk dance ensamble
Detentions of Stalin
The Dismissal of the Constituent Assembly
Dismissal of the Guard
An Appeal of the Jewish
people to Alexandre
The struggle against the
The Execution Protocol of Titsian
The transfer of treasury
Five Victims From One Family
The execution protocol of another devoted patriot BidzinaPirveli
Levan Gotua’s Arrest and
Search Warrant
Nazari (Ioseb) Lezhava
This is a card of
Hunters Union of the
Georgian SSR in 1922
Rothstein arrest order
The news-letter
Order № 9
„The Georgian Atheists “
case no. 22155
The Soviet visa for going
abroad, 1925
File no. 24242
The contents of The Georgian Atheists