Fond №14
Missing in Action
This fond collects lists of those missing in action, captured or killed during World War II. There are 105 volumes, preserving information on 120,000 persons. Each volume deals with approximately 1,200-1,800 individuals.  
These lists include valuable information including soldiers’ military ranks, the names of persons injured, captured or killed, and the whereabouts of the deceased.
Example: Grigol Grigorevich Avalishvili, date of birth - 1902; place of birth - Poti region; summoned by the Poti regional commissariat; title - Red Army Soldier; position - rifleman; military unit - 800th rifle regiment; mobilized - 05.07.1941; cause of death - died of injuries; location of grave - Orlovi oblast, Dolgorukov region, village of Stepanovka.
These documents are preserved in Podolsk, Russian Federation. Unfortunately, the printed stenographic materials (in Russian) often reflect names, surnames and geographic names incorrectly, which can hinder the process of identification.
The Archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia
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