Fond №1
Normative Acts
This fond combines normative acts (decrees, orders and directives) passed by the Special Committee (Cheka), State Political Directorate (GPU), Joint State Political Directorate (OGPU), People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) and Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD).

Fond №1 consists of 1,134 “Top Secret”, “Secret” and “Non-Secret” volumes, which range in date from 1920 to 1990 (excluding normative acts from 1921). The following themes appear in the acts: personnel; operations against espionage, “hooliganism”, robbery, speculation, smuggling and hard drinking; secret services; transportation; weapons storage and security; internal affairs; internal discipline; the implementation of orders and resolutions; cases brought before the military tribunal; confiscations and requisitions; border security; censorship in state and private theatres; travel abroad; diplomatic property and mail; courier service; secret business correspondence; published journals; employment; association with foreigners; activities of the State Political Directorate (GPU); issuance of credit; secret correspondence; application reviews; prisoners statistics; issuance of diplomatic and transit visas; the organization of sport institutions;  concentration/labour camps; rules against photographing/filming military units; military service law; literature storage and security; the rights of consulate representatives; the regulation of sanitary inspections; the sale of horses; the storage of special construction materials; regulations concerning the arrival and departure of foreigners to/from the USSR; dactylography (fingerprinting) of criminals; rules concerning human filtration; the keeping of state secrets; operations execution; etc.

The Archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia
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