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The Priest Razhden Turkadze

Bolshevik Russia, having established the Soviet regime in  
Georgia, tried its best to turn Georgia into a nation of slaves.  
This found early reflection in its policy towards religion and  
churches: monasteries were destroyed, monks were thrown out  
onto the street, and religious services were halted.
The Soviet authorities believed that religion was just an  
obstacle, and the main priority for Soviet citizens must be the  
Party alone.
During the course of one year up to 1,212 churches were closed  
in Georgia.
But soon numerous letters and signed statements began arriving  
from almost every part of Georgia, calling for the churches to be  
Razhden Turkadze, a priest from the Akhalgavazi village near  
Telavi, sent the following petition to the Revolutionary  
“The church in Akhalgavazi village where I used to conduct  
services has now been made into a reading room by the local  
police, and thus our place of worship is destroyed. I kindly ask  
the Revolutionary Committee to allow me to conduct services  
for parishioners in Akhalgavazi village without a church, at the  
The Archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia