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An Appeal of Mikheil Javakhishvili

At the 10th Congress of the Georgian Communist Party,
Georgian First Secretary Lavrenty Beria used his speech to warn
the Georgian writers.
His words signaled the start of purges of writers throughout
“It’s high time that Gamsakhurdia, Javakhishvili, and Mitsishvili
gave some thought to their activities.”
Mikheil Javakhishvili was considered a dangerous person. For
this reason, the following was concluded at a meeting of the
Writers Union on August 17, 1937: 
“The expulsion of Javakhishvili’s from the Writers’ Union
should be brought up at the presidium. The organization of the
Writers’ Union should be notified about this, and he must be
subsequently disqualified from membership in the Writers’
Union presidium.”
The editorial board of “Literary Georgia” was given the task of
publishing an article about Javakhishvili’s activities.
Naturally the results were not long in coming, and Javakhishvili
was expelled from the Writers’ Union. He was then arrested,
and finally shot on September 30, 1937. His personal archive
was destroyed, his property confiscated and his wife exiled.
Mikheil Javakhishvili had been involved in the national
liberation movement since 1917, he was a co-founder of the
National Democratic Party and a member of its central
committee. He was an active participant of the 1924 uprising.
We provide a document written by Mikheil Javakhishvili in
“To the Chairman of the Court of the Joint Committee:
“I returned from my dacha to give evidence. I am sick and I am
working on a new novel. I fear that I will not be able to finish
my work in time. Besides, I have no job and my family and I
depend on my royalties.
“For this reason I call upon you: if it’s possible interrogate me
before others and then to release me after the interrogation.
                                             Mikheil Javakhishvili”
The Archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia