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The Archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia
The MIA Archive published the book entitled “9 April”
The presentation of the book was held in the exhibition hall of the National Archive. By publishing this book, the materials of the
Committee for State Security of the Georgian SSR and the Party Archive for the first time became accessible to the public. The
publication provides detailed materials regarding tragic events of 9 April 1989 in Tbilisi, as well as encrypted telegrams which were
sent from Tbilisi to Moscow or vice-verse by the Government, materials regarding the plenary and bureau sessions, and newspapers.
The presentation was attended by rector of the MIA Academy, Givi Mikanadze, director of the MIA Archive, Omar Tushurashvili,
witnesses of April 9 Tragedy, historians, researchers, students, pupils and other invited guests.
At the end of the presentation, a documentary film regarding the April 9 Tragedy was shown.